ROH FINAL BATTLE 2022 INTERVIEW: Tony Khan discusses future ROH shows in Texas, more


The following is an interview transcription from PWTorch Contributor, Brian Zilem, and the AEW and ROH President, Tony Khan. It was conducted in the post ROH Final Battle 2022 media scrum.

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Hi, Tony. Hope you’re doing well. Hope the family is well. This is Brian Zilem from PWTorch. I believe this is the first show that AEW has ever done in Arlington, Texas. You obviously have a pretty good relationship with Jerry Jones, knowing there’s four stadiums in essentially five miles.

Tony Khan: This is not technically not an AEW show. Ring Of Honor. I don’t know if Ring of Honor has in 21 years.

Well, wrestling companies you own, let’s say that. Okay. Wrestling companies you own. There’s essentially four venues that are 5 miles from each other. You have the great set up in Texas live. Have you had any conversations with Jerry on how beneficial running more wrestling events in the ceiling of Arlington could be for you and, like, fans?

Tony Khan: I have, actually. Yeah, I have. With Jerry and Steven and Jerry Jr. So they’re really good friends of my family, and they’ve always been really nice to me. And I know when my father was looking to get into the NFL before he actually acquired the Jaguars, he got to know Jerry and his family pretty well. And in my time in the league, they’ve been very kind to me. And as we’ve done these shows around the Dallas area every year, I always have checked in with them. And also we’ll see them at the league meetings this week and have a great relationship with them. And we actually have brought that up to them in the past. They certainly have great venues as AEW expands. Something to take note of. And they have been involved in the wrestling business at times, too, in promoting shows, and that’s certainly something I would be interested in and have had nice talks with them with. I think, actually, at our last preseason game, we did talk about that.

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