Rumor Killer On MJF and Tony Khan Having A Falling Out

A rumor killer.


Some publications had reported that AEW superstar and former world champion MJF had a falling out with Tony Khan over the past week. Fightful Select confirms that is untrue and MJF has been rehabbing his numerous injuries. It is also confirmed by Fightful that “barring some catastrophic miracle” the Salt of the Earth will not be competing in tomorrow’s WWE Royal Rumble matchup.

MJF has been out of action since AEW Worlds End, when he was not only defeated by Samoa Joe for the world title but was also betrayed by his good friend Adam Cole, who revealed himself to be “The Devil.” A big storyline that MJF has been pushing over the past two years was his contract expiring and the “bidding war of 2024.” However, it is believed that MJF did already sign an extension with AEW.

Stay tuned.

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