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I followed the throng towards the Straight2Tape booth. A darkened entryway beckoned, promising access to a hidden music haven. But as I neared, the illusion shattered. The passageway was a masterfully crafted cardboard facade, complete with lifesize musicians frozen in mid-performance, a gleaming microphone outstretched, and a realistic pop filter catching the nonexistent light.

A provider of direct-to-tape vinyl records and master tapes, Straight2Tape prides itself on using classic Neumann, Nagra, and Studer microphones and tape decks. They record and mix in real time ala Rudy Van Gelder, straight to one of their stereo tape machines in their dedicated recording studio and concert hall. The entire S2T signal path is 100% analog.

Straight2Tape has recorded classical, folk, country, R&B and blues rock musicians, the records available at the Straight2Tape website.

S2T’s Marcus Thomann and 2inch records’ Ralph Zund gifted me two of their latest releases, Landenberg Sessions Klangschloss 2023 and 2022, which I have been playing into the wee hours.

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