The Fiend forces Cena to face his past in a weirdly entertaining Firefly Fun House match

After the cinematic experience of the boneyard match on Saturday, no one knew what to expect from the Firefly Fun House match between The Fiend and John Cena on Sunday night. Needless to say, after the match ended, no one could have ever imagined that we would get that type of experience.
While the match was going to start normally with Cena making his entrance, it quickly turned sideways with Cena finding himself in the Fun House and confronted to face his past. As Wyatt stepped in Kurt Angle’s place and recreated the Ruthless Aggression Cena debut, Cena came out in similar attire from that era and tried to take multiple swings and Wyatt but always missed.
Cena then came out as the Dr. of Thuganomics and rapped to Wyatt, who did not appreciate the lyrics. Wyatt then transformed into Easy E, Eric Bischoff, and introduced Cena as the latest member of the nWo, complete with the Nitro set, nWo WCW title, black and white images and showing everyone what if…Cena ever turned heel.
A throwback to their 2014 feud which led to a WrestleMania XXX match also played out. That night, Cena won, but this time, Wyatt in his Wyatt Family setting, reigned supreme as he continued to mess with Cena’s – and everyone’s – sanity.
The unusual and weird match ended with The Fiend applying the Mandible Claw to Cena after which Cena’s body disappeared from the ring.
Fans and even Superstars online reacted in disbelief over what they just saw, with the feedback highly positive and some even wondered how such a presentation even managed to make it on the card, let alone a WrestleMania.Click Here: adidas stan smith

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