WWE Raw ratings hit new all-time record low

Image: WWE

Raw last night set its all-time record low with both 1.53 million average viewers and a 0.41 rating in 18-49.

For the first time ever, not only did last week’s AEW Dynamite beat an hour of Raw, but it beat all three hours in 18-49 and 18-34. It is not a lock AEW will beat Raw’s numbers tomorrow but it would be a surprise if it doesn’t beat this Friday’s SmackDown numbers on FS1. AEW has only beaten 0.41 twice this year, both times in the last two weeks.

Raw had its lowest first hour, the lowest second hour, and the lowest third hour, so this was not people tuning out, as the people leaving the show as it went on was at average levels. This was people not tuning in to see it in the first place.

Raw finished ninth in 18-49, trailing four NFL related shows on ESPN, Below Deck on Bravo, and three shows on CNN. The CNN shows that beat it were all earlier in the day so Raw was third in the time slot head-to-head. It was 31st overall for the night.

As compared to last week, Raw was down 12 percent in viewers, 20 percent in 18-49, and 29 percent in 18-34.

As compared to the same week last year, Raw was down 26 percent in viewers, 32 percent in 18-49, and 48 percent in 18-34.

The NFL game last night with the Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens was a big culprit, as it did 12.42 million viewers and a 3.57 in 18-49. Still, it had fewer viewers than many weeks this season including last week’s game as an ABC/ESPN simulcast.

Male viewers in particular were shockingly low, especially in WWE’s usual 35-49 strongest point. Raw beat Dynamite slightly with women 18-49, they tied with women 12-34, and Raw was slightly ahead .27 to .25 in males 12-34. But Dynamite won in 35-49 by a .57 to .46 margin, which made the difference

As far as tuning out, women 18-49 tuned out from hour one to hour three at a normal 15 percent clip, men 18-49 at a 10 percent clip, teenage girls and boys both gained during the show, while people over 50 dropped nine percent.

The three hours were:

8 p.m. 1.63 million viewers
9 p.m. 1.51 million viewers
 10 p.m. 1.44 million viewers