WWE Smackdown *Spoilers* (9/22/15) from Corpus Christ, TX

Kane came out live talking about how glad he was to be back at work. He said the WWE was on fire. He announced two matches for tonight, Kevin Owens & Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler & Ryback, and Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper with everyone banned from ringside. Seth Rollins came out and told Kane to cut the crap, because everyone knows what he did last night. Kane still pretended he was a different person. He said he wanted to make up with Rollins, but Rollins turned him down. Kane showed flashes of being a monster, and announced Rollins vs. Ambrose non-title as the main event.

Reigns beat Harper with a spear.

New Day beat Lucha Dragons & Neville.

The New Day pushed the 10/3 Network special and their match with the Dudleys for the title.

Cesaro beat Bo Dallas. Dallas did his usual promo. Cesaro won with a roll-up.

They showed clips of the Charlotte celebration and Paige turn from Raw. Charlotte & Lynch came out and thanked everyone for their support. Paige came out and took credit for everything saying she was the catalyst. Natalya came out and asked Paige why she’s so mad because the Divas division is the best it has ever been. Paige and Natalya argued and Paige slapped her and left.

Ryback & Ziggler beat Rusev & Owens when Owens walked out on Rusev, who was pinned after Ryback hit the shell shock.

The Dudleys cut a promo about the Madison Square Garden match with the New Day for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The Prime Time Players wished them luck.

Seth Rollins did an interview talking badly about Kane, not knowing Kane was right there watching it.

Dean Ambrose beat WWE Champion Seth Rollins in a non-title match. The finish saw Kane’s pyro distract Rollins, who was then pinned.

Rollins cut a promo after, saying he was fed up and will make Kane’s life miserable if he keeps up the mind games. The pyro went off again, and Rollins ran off scared while Kane was shown on the screen laughing.

Credit: f4wonline.com