Bihar: 5 Prisoners, 2 Policemen Found Having Liquor Party At Excise Police Station

Bihar has no dearth of strange incidents. Every now and then, something unusual is reported from the state in East India.


In one such incident, five prisoners were caught relishing a liquor party along with two constables at Excise Department police station in a Patna district. According to police, all seven individuals are behind bars at present.

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Liquor party in excise custody

As per an ANI report, five individuals were arrested by the Excise Department on Tuesday afternoon and were in custody at the excise police station in Paliganj. On the same night, they got hold of liquor inside the jail premises and started to party.

The cops visited the police station to verify the information about the liquor party and caught them in the act. A sub-divisional police officer at the station said an investigation has been launched to find how the prisoners got alcohol.

 “We received info about it. We went to verify it and found them drinking alcohol. All are prisoners. How they got alcohol and other things are part of the probe,” ANI quoted SDPO Paliganj as saying.

Liquor banned in 2016

BCCL/Representational Image

The sale and consumption of alcohol was banned entirely in the state by the Nitish Kumar-led government in April 2016. It was done in line with the promise made to Bihar women by the CM ahead of assembly elections held the previous year.

Rs 1 lakh for giving up liquor business

In an attempt to restrengthen the long-running liquor ban, CM Nitish Kumar recently announced a new plan to fight the perils of the illegal and spurious liquor trade. He promised a reward of Rs 1 lakh to those who give up their liquor business.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar/Image by BCCL

At a “Drug De-addiction Day” event, Nitish Kumar voiced his resolution towards building a ‘healthy and happy’ Bihar. 

“On the occasion of Drug-Free Day, let us take a pledge to get rid of all kinds of drugs and play our role in building a drug-free society for a prosperous, healthy and happy Bihar,” CM Kumar said.

 “We are strictly implementing prohibition in Bihar. Under the Sustainable Livelihood Scheme, assistance is being given to the people associated with the liquor business to start another job. A large number of people have taken advantage of this,” he added.

Budgetary outlay of Rs 610 crore for reward

On Tuesday, Nitish Kumar cabinet substantiated the chief minister’s promise. It approved a budgetary disbursement of Rs 610 crore for the scheme. The scheme proposes providing one-time assistance of Rs 1 lakh to the marginalised, especially SCs and STs, who were brewing country-made liquor until 2016.

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