Comcast Seeks To Provide Telecommunications Services To Edison

EDISON, NJ — Comcast is seeking permission to bring telecommunications services to Edison. Council introduced an ordinance during the March 8 meeting, authorizing the execution of a rights-of-way agreement between Comcast and Edison.

Councilmembers raised several questions about the ordinance with Councilwoman Joyce Ship- Freeman abstaining from voting.

Councilman Richard Brescher questioned whether Comcast would install its own infrastructure or use the existing lines installed by Optimum.

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Brescher, who formerly served in the Council’s cable television committee, said most of the complaints received were about internet services, but the agreement mentioned only TV service and not internet service. He suggested adding internet service to the ordinance before council could approve it.

Ship-Freeman suggested tabling the ordinance since the problem facing residents was internet services.

Find out what's happening in Edison-Metuchenwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“There’s nothing wrong with the cable,” Ship-Freeman said. “I thought I was getting broadband and this whole internet service. A lot of people work from home and that’s when the problems come in with the internet. I don’t think changing it without the information for the internet is going to make that big of a deal.”

Councilwoman Margot Harris suggested making tweaks to the ordinance along the way.

During his State of the Township address, Mayor Sam Joshi announced plans to bring Comcast into Edison to provide residents with better internet services.

A public hearing on the ordinance will be held on March 23.

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