Ricky Starks Is Happy For Powerhouse Hobbs, Looks Back On Their Run Together As A Team

AEW Superstar Ricky Starks recently spoke with Stephanie Chase to hype up this Sunday’s Revolution pay-per-view, where the Absolute One will be taking on Chris Jericho in a highly anticipated grudge match.


During the interview, Starks looked back on his tag run with Powerhouse Hobbs, and how happy he is to see Hobbs, who just won the Face of the Revolution ladder match, finally getting opportunities as a singles wrestler. Highlights from the chat can be found below.

On teaming with Hobbs:

I think the time we had together was very valuable in the sense of it was very bootstrap and what I mean by that is me and (Powerhouse) Hobbs went out there and we did it on our own. We got what we wanted out there on our own, the people fell in love with us on our own, you get what I mean? And there’s a lot of that in my career and there’s a lot of that in Hobbs’ career too where we’re doing it on our own, we’re doing it by ourselves and I think that’s what people can appreciate the most. So taking that time and now utilizing it in a singles-type environment has only done us wonders.

Says he is happy that Hobbs won the Face of the Revolution match:

I thought it was cool that he won (the Face of the Revolution Ladder match) in his hometown, finally. If I’m not mistaken, I wanna say that’s Hobbs’ second time, maybe third time, I’m not sure but it’s more than once. The other time, me and him were in the same match in Florida for Revolution where Wardlow won. So, it’s cool to see him now at that point and I think the time that we had together where he leaned on me for certain things and I leaned on him for certain things has only helped us grow exponentially.

Elsewhere in the interview, Starks explained why he decided to support Cody Rhodes in person at the 2023 Royal Rumble. You can read about that here. Full interview can be found below.

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