Roman Reigns Describes His Emotions Leading Up To Cancer Announcements

Ahead of his return at this Sunday’s WWE Fastlane 2019 pay-per-view, Roman Reigns continues to make the media rounds.

The WWE Superstar, who recently announced that he had beaten leukemia, and that his cancer was in remission, has been on quite a media tour since making his recent WWE comeback on WWE RAW. In another interview that he took part in this week, Reigns spoke with Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of Yahoo! Sports about “fear” being a standout emotion prior to his announcement that he had leukemia and again when he announced that he had beaten it.

Featured below are some of the highlights of the new Yahoo! Sports interview with “The Big Dog.”

On feeling fear more than any other emotion before making his initial leukemia announcement on WWE television last October: “It’s funny because there were so many different emotions going on but the one that really stood out … was fear. I was insecure about letting people know. I was insecure about how they would react.”

On being embraced by the WWE Universe after announcing he was taking a leave of absence to undergo treatment: “Once I got the feedback and the level of support that I got, it was a huge weight off my shoulders. I thought ‘God, I wish I would have told people about this a long time ago and not hide it and ball it up inside.'”

On once again feeling fear when returning to WWE to announce that he had beaten cancer and was in remission: “When we got to the comeback speech, I was scared because I wanted it to be perfect and I wanted people to really understand and really feel my gratitude toward the outreach. It was one of those situations where the closer we got, I was getting writer’s block, everything was going fuzzy on me. I couldn’t think straight and I think it was just my nerves. I kept telling myself, when you get out there, you’ll know what to say. Instinct will take over.”

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