Was Pant Drunk? Here's What Police Revealed About Accident That Landed The Cricketer In Hospital

As the forensic team on Saturday probed the fatal accident that landed Rishabh Pant in Hospital with multiple injuries, the Uttarakhand Police confirmed that the young cricketer was neither drunk nor overspeeding.


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The team, probing the reason behind the accident, was accompanied by officials of the ministry of road transport and highways and the local, regional transport office of Haridwar district, Times Of India Reported.

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Speculations about overspeeding, drunk driving

After the fatal accident that occurred on Friday (December 30), there were speculations about overspeeding and drunk driving on the part of the firebrand cricketer.

On the day of the accident, a CCTV footage also came to light in which the cricketer’s car could be seen hitting a road divider, seemingly at high speed.

Moreover, a three-year-old video resurfaced on the internet- where Pant’s teammate Shikhar Dhawan is commenting on a lighter note that Pant has a habit of overspeeding. 

These developments turned social media rife with conjecture around the accident.

Uttarkhand police refutes claims

However, all such claims have been quashed by Uttarakhand Police. The Police has now revealed that the 25-year-old cricketer was not overspeeding, nor was he in an inebriated state.

A senior cop argued that if Pant were drunk, how could he drive 200 km from Delhi to the accident site. Earlier, the Police had said that Pant had dozed off while driving and lost control of the car.


Haridwar senior superintendent of Police (SSP) Ajai Singh told Hindustan Times that the Police checked eight to 10 speed cameras from the Uttar Pradesh border to the accident spot in Narsan. As per the footage, the cricketer’s car at no point crossed the speed limit, which is 80 km per hour on that national highway.

In the CCTV footage, the car appears to be at a high speed because it went into the air after hitting the divider. Our technical team also inspected the accident site. We didn’t find anything that suggests overspeeding by the cricketer, Singh said.

The SSP further added, “If he would have been drunk, how could he drive 200 km from Delhi and not meet any accident for such a long distance? The doctor who gave him first aid at the Roorkee hospital also stated he was completely normal. That’s why he was able to successfully pull himself out of the car. Anybody drunk would not have been able to get out of the car.”

No police action against the cricketer

Additionally, a police official anonymously told HT that no action would be taken against the cricketer as he didn’t hit anybody.

According to Police, in one of his early statements after the accident, the cricketer had said that he didn’t remember exactly how everything happened. 

The cricketer was coming to his home town in Roorkee to surprise his mother when his car met with an accident near Narsan under Mangalore police station.

Pant was rescued by the driver-conductor duo of a Haryana Roadways bus following the accident. He was rushed to the Saksham Hospital in Roorkee in a government-run ambulance. From there, he was referred to the Max Hospital in Dehradun for further treatment.

Pant to be airlifted if plastic surgery required

A statement from BCCI had earlier revealed that Pant had incurred two cuts on his forehead and a ligament tear in his right knee. He had also hurt his right wrist, ankle, and toe, along with abrasion injuries on his back.

 On Saturday, Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA) officials reached Max Hospital in Dehradun, where Pant is currently being treated. They said they would airlift the cricketer for plastic surgery if the need for it were felt. However, Pant has only been getting his treatment done in Max Hospital so far.

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